Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Review Post: Apple's iPhone

I want to talk write a review post about Apple's iPhone. Over the years, Apple has done a tremendous job keeping up and leading the technological advances of the phone industries and the iPhone has become the most popular mobile device. For me personally I wasn't able to get my very own phone till I was a sophomore in High School and even then I didn't get a smartphone. My very first smartphone was a iPhone 6 that I got last Christmas 2015. Why did I wait so long? Phones, especially the iPhone, are very expensive and cost so much just to text and call people and now they cost so much for data usage and using of apps. To me, it was just a phone. Now it has my entire life stored in it. It is quite humorous too, to know that you can have now pay for things with your iPhone, make bank transactions straight from your phone, and even ask a female voice to look something up on the internet just by asking your phone. Whatever happened to just calling and texting people? But I have to admit, it does make my life 100% easier and enjoyable. Why the iPhone is so popular because it combines many technology devices and puts them into one device. What other devices? For example: GPS, internet, music, calendars, alarm clocks, cameras, and many other devices. Why do people need this particular device to live out their daily lives? Why would they spend hundreds of dollars to buy a phone when they can't afford to pay their other bills? I suppose that question can be answered by someone else.

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