Thursday, February 25, 2016

Promoting my own website

So my blog at the moment covers a technology device that will be introduced to children and to schools to enhance children's learning capabilities and to expand children's creative minds. There are two main ideas about this product and you can find this website at the following: This idea that I had about introducing a storybook to kids to have them learn from and also to help them read more instead of watching T.V. and not learning or enhancing their minds. So in the classrooms, the storybook is designed to be an interactive textbook allowing the child to watch videos on subjects they don't understand, highlight words and sentences as they are reading along to help them follow along to what they are reading, and also the child can look up terms instantly on the internet.

The other main idea behind the storybook is the interactive story. As the child is reading throughout the story, a set of choices will be introduced to the child, and depending on what the choice the child chooses, this creates an alternative story. Each choice creates a different story allowing the child to explore their imagination and creative minds. I believe that by introducing this storybook, this will have a positive influence on children's reading skills and also allow them to increase their creative minds. What I hope to accomplish, or what I want kids to do, is to ignore all the television and social media, when they are at a younger age, and to read and read and read!! Reading will help them in school and will provide the skills that television can't provide.

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