Sunday, February 21, 2016

List Post: How to use Technology to Learn

  1. You can write blog: If you think about it, writing blogs can help your knowledge of technology to grow which in turn will increase your learning ability. Talking about different subjects or sharing information with people and writing about it will possibly create interaction with other bloggers which will also create an environment where everyone can communicate with each other and learn from each other. 
  2. Looking up information: You can look up practically anything on the internet, whether it would be a location, a word you don't know, or information about a specific subject or topic. There are many search engines where you can look up information as well but the main one I use is Google and once you search for something, hundreds and thousands of search results are available for you to choose from.
  3. You can watch videos: If you don't know how to do a specific task, you can always look it up on the internet such as YouTube and see how you can complete that task. Or you can watch thousands of different kinds of videos and even upload some yourself to show other people.
  4. You can interact with people: There are many sites such as Facebook, blogs, and other web pages where a community of people can come together and talk about a common interest with other people. You can also share pictures, life stories, and much more with this community.
  5. You can use technology to research: Whether it would be for school, work, or if you are just interested in a certain company or topic, you can scour the internet for different information regarding the subject and find tons of lists and other information regarding your interest.

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