Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Promoting Blog Post: Review of Apple iPhone

If you thought my last post about the Apple iPhone was interesting, below I have attached some more links that talk about why to buy an iPhone and why not to buy one.

I will now summarize the two links above. The top link talks about 5 reason why you should buy the iPhone 6. 1) the iPhone is an all rounder meaning not just the appearance but also the battery, camera, design, and performance don't just pass the tests but are much better than the competitors and the competitors can't beat it. 2) Apple pay is introduced and says that it will be the next big thing. When you most need it, Apple pay will be there. 3) Swift is a programming language that could have a direct impact on the consumer. For apps today, hundreds of iPads and iPhones have a language know as Objective-C and Swift is now the upgrade. 4) There are a lot more accessories in the iPhone than any other handheld device. 5) Finally the last reason is the camera. With the camera scoring the highest score against competitors, it is obvious that the camera in the iPhone 6 is the best we have seen yet.

The other link talks about why you shouldn't spend money and get an iPhone. Even though it is the best smartphone on the planet, the earlier models are about the same as the newer ones. There's not much difference but just a few improvements. The site also talks about how you should hold on to your phone longer and not decide so quickly to get a new one when your original phone still has life in it.

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