Monday, February 22, 2016


Today I am going to talk about and talk about the successful traits about their blog. This blog I believe started in 2011 and has become a very successful blog to the technology, science, and social media fields. How they caught my attention was when I looked up technology blogs on Google, a link to "The 10 Best Blogs" on InsideTech came up and Gizmodo was on that list. The design of the website is very modern using a lot of pictures and then descriptions underneath. It is very up to date with blogs publishing daily and throughout the day as well. If you do click on a picture/topic, it will take you to that specific blog where the writer goes into much detail about it. There are many people who leave comments and they are simply just concerns or questions they have in the blog product/topic the writer is promoting. Once one person leaves a comment the usual reply comes from another blogger or another fan of the same blog. There are many other topics Gizmodo tries to cover including the shows that are popular (Game of Thrones), popular computer games (League of Legend), space topics, and many other topics that have some sort of technology in them. Although they are talking about some of the tv shows such as The Walking Dead and as well as new movies (Deadpool), they are not talking about the technology advanced companies and information about them and how well they are doing among the technology field.

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