Sunday, February 28, 2016

Link Post: 7 Fun ways to use Technology in the Classroom

I will be building onto the list above and adding 3 more ways to use technology in the classroom.

  1. You could use Word Office such as Word or Excel for numerous of little activities or learning activities for the kids. You can compose a story book and illustrate it with clip art or graphics. Publish a newspaper or a newsletter or flyer for your classroom and even pretend you were doing it for the local newspaper. You can take surveys and chart the results or collect information about define the difference graphically in Excel. By making a "real world" budget you could learn about income, purchasing, and consumer science that will help the kids out in the early adult years.
  2. The internet is a great tool for kids to explore and find new places around the world they could learn from and learn about. A project could be done about tracking data, such as tracking the weather over time in different places and see if there are any patterns. Students can form research teams and have research projects to teach them how to look up specific information. 
  3. Student could also work with PowerPoint presentation to see how you can put a slideshow together or make a presentation about a specific topic to show the class or even a research project. They could compile information into a common format - "Math Formulas We Use" created by and for students. Teaching kids to use PowerPoint will increase the children's creativeness when they want to present something to the class or even have them play around with the software and see what little things you can do with it.

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