Monday, February 29, 2016

Product Recommendation

To my readers, I want to recommend to you the Apple iPad. Most of you will already know what I am talking about and may already have one but to those of you who don't or if you do have one and thinking about switching to another product, maybe I can change your mind. Below I have attached a link to the Apple's page about their product, the iPad.

I'm talking to the readers and technological people out there who are looking for something to buy and who are looking for quality over price or to have a product that will last a long time. There are many reasons why you should buy one and I am going to give you a couple of them. The portability of the iPad is very popular meaning you can carry it with you almost wherever you want to go. So if you want to check your email or get on a social media website, you don't have to spend the amount of time you have to, to crack open your laptop, because you can just get your iPad out and check it on there. You will be able to do the above by connecting to the Wi-Fi or you can pay extra to connect to data, just like how you would use your mobile device. If you think the cost of the iPad is too expensive, you can look it up on Amazon or other sites to get it either used or at a cheaper price. But remember that even though it is expensive, if you take care of it, it will give you many years of easy accessibility to technology and apps and many other features.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Link Post: 7 Fun ways to use Technology in the Classroom

I will be building onto the list above and adding 3 more ways to use technology in the classroom.

  1. You could use Word Office such as Word or Excel for numerous of little activities or learning activities for the kids. You can compose a story book and illustrate it with clip art or graphics. Publish a newspaper or a newsletter or flyer for your classroom and even pretend you were doing it for the local newspaper. You can take surveys and chart the results or collect information about define the difference graphically in Excel. By making a "real world" budget you could learn about income, purchasing, and consumer science that will help the kids out in the early adult years.
  2. The internet is a great tool for kids to explore and find new places around the world they could learn from and learn about. A project could be done about tracking data, such as tracking the weather over time in different places and see if there are any patterns. Students can form research teams and have research projects to teach them how to look up specific information. 
  3. Student could also work with PowerPoint presentation to see how you can put a slideshow together or make a presentation about a specific topic to show the class or even a research project. They could compile information into a common format - "Math Formulas We Use" created by and for students. Teaching kids to use PowerPoint will increase the children's creativeness when they want to present something to the class or even have them play around with the software and see what little things you can do with it.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Promoting my own website

So my blog at the moment covers a technology device that will be introduced to children and to schools to enhance children's learning capabilities and to expand children's creative minds. There are two main ideas about this product and you can find this website at the following: This idea that I had about introducing a storybook to kids to have them learn from and also to help them read more instead of watching T.V. and not learning or enhancing their minds. So in the classrooms, the storybook is designed to be an interactive textbook allowing the child to watch videos on subjects they don't understand, highlight words and sentences as they are reading along to help them follow along to what they are reading, and also the child can look up terms instantly on the internet.

The other main idea behind the storybook is the interactive story. As the child is reading throughout the story, a set of choices will be introduced to the child, and depending on what the choice the child chooses, this creates an alternative story. Each choice creates a different story allowing the child to explore their imagination and creative minds. I believe that by introducing this storybook, this will have a positive influence on children's reading skills and also allow them to increase their creative minds. What I hope to accomplish, or what I want kids to do, is to ignore all the television and social media, when they are at a younger age, and to read and read and read!! Reading will help them in school and will provide the skills that television can't provide.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Promoting Blog Post: Review of Apple iPhone

If you thought my last post about the Apple iPhone was interesting, below I have attached some more links that talk about why to buy an iPhone and why not to buy one.

I will now summarize the two links above. The top link talks about 5 reason why you should buy the iPhone 6. 1) the iPhone is an all rounder meaning not just the appearance but also the battery, camera, design, and performance don't just pass the tests but are much better than the competitors and the competitors can't beat it. 2) Apple pay is introduced and says that it will be the next big thing. When you most need it, Apple pay will be there. 3) Swift is a programming language that could have a direct impact on the consumer. For apps today, hundreds of iPads and iPhones have a language know as Objective-C and Swift is now the upgrade. 4) There are a lot more accessories in the iPhone than any other handheld device. 5) Finally the last reason is the camera. With the camera scoring the highest score against competitors, it is obvious that the camera in the iPhone 6 is the best we have seen yet.

The other link talks about why you shouldn't spend money and get an iPhone. Even though it is the best smartphone on the planet, the earlier models are about the same as the newer ones. There's not much difference but just a few improvements. The site also talks about how you should hold on to your phone longer and not decide so quickly to get a new one when your original phone still has life in it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Review Post: Apple's iPhone

I want to talk write a review post about Apple's iPhone. Over the years, Apple has done a tremendous job keeping up and leading the technological advances of the phone industries and the iPhone has become the most popular mobile device. For me personally I wasn't able to get my very own phone till I was a sophomore in High School and even then I didn't get a smartphone. My very first smartphone was a iPhone 6 that I got last Christmas 2015. Why did I wait so long? Phones, especially the iPhone, are very expensive and cost so much just to text and call people and now they cost so much for data usage and using of apps. To me, it was just a phone. Now it has my entire life stored in it. It is quite humorous too, to know that you can have now pay for things with your iPhone, make bank transactions straight from your phone, and even ask a female voice to look something up on the internet just by asking your phone. Whatever happened to just calling and texting people? But I have to admit, it does make my life 100% easier and enjoyable. Why the iPhone is so popular because it combines many technology devices and puts them into one device. What other devices? For example: GPS, internet, music, calendars, alarm clocks, cameras, and many other devices. Why do people need this particular device to live out their daily lives? Why would they spend hundreds of dollars to buy a phone when they can't afford to pay their other bills? I suppose that question can be answered by someone else.

Monday, February 22, 2016


Today I am going to talk about and talk about the successful traits about their blog. This blog I believe started in 2011 and has become a very successful blog to the technology, science, and social media fields. How they caught my attention was when I looked up technology blogs on Google, a link to "The 10 Best Blogs" on InsideTech came up and Gizmodo was on that list. The design of the website is very modern using a lot of pictures and then descriptions underneath. It is very up to date with blogs publishing daily and throughout the day as well. If you do click on a picture/topic, it will take you to that specific blog where the writer goes into much detail about it. There are many people who leave comments and they are simply just concerns or questions they have in the blog product/topic the writer is promoting. Once one person leaves a comment the usual reply comes from another blogger or another fan of the same blog. There are many other topics Gizmodo tries to cover including the shows that are popular (Game of Thrones), popular computer games (League of Legend), space topics, and many other topics that have some sort of technology in them. Although they are talking about some of the tv shows such as The Walking Dead and as well as new movies (Deadpool), they are not talking about the technology advanced companies and information about them and how well they are doing among the technology field.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

List Post: How to use Technology to Learn

  1. You can write blog: If you think about it, writing blogs can help your knowledge of technology to grow which in turn will increase your learning ability. Talking about different subjects or sharing information with people and writing about it will possibly create interaction with other bloggers which will also create an environment where everyone can communicate with each other and learn from each other. 
  2. Looking up information: You can look up practically anything on the internet, whether it would be a location, a word you don't know, or information about a specific subject or topic. There are many search engines where you can look up information as well but the main one I use is Google and once you search for something, hundreds and thousands of search results are available for you to choose from.
  3. You can watch videos: If you don't know how to do a specific task, you can always look it up on the internet such as YouTube and see how you can complete that task. Or you can watch thousands of different kinds of videos and even upload some yourself to show other people.
  4. You can interact with people: There are many sites such as Facebook, blogs, and other web pages where a community of people can come together and talk about a common interest with other people. You can also share pictures, life stories, and much more with this community.
  5. You can use technology to research: Whether it would be for school, work, or if you are just interested in a certain company or topic, you can scour the internet for different information regarding the subject and find tons of lists and other information regarding your interest.